What To Prepare When Relocating Office

When it is time for a company to expand its premises, it has to move to a bigger and better location. Office relocation is very inconvenient that is why the transfer of the premises of the company must be designed so as not to disrupt the pace of work of its employees.

It is, therefore, necessary to begin to organize the transfer of offices as soon as possible to save time on the day of the move. The following are some things to consider as part of preparation for office relocation.

Prepare the new location

To start with, you have to draw the floor plan of the new location of the office and the designated area of the employees of the company.

Plan their layout with respect to each other. Include the layout of electrical outlets where the computer and other equipment will be connected. Do not hesitate to take the opinions of each one so as to optimize the future workspace.

Thus on the day of the move, the movers will only have to place the offices in the correct direction and if necessary place the computer equipment on the right side of the offices.

It is important to label the furniture and boxes in a simple way with a color code or numbers so that it will be easy for the movers to place the boxes and other equipment in the right location.

The movers will only have to collect the cases with the same numbers or colors in the indicated places.

This will seem to some obvious, others perhaps superfluous, but it is important to know that these preliminary steps to the transfer of the offices are paramount to ensure the continuity of the work of the employees.

Save your computer data

One too often neglected step on the part of companies wishing to transfer their premises is to ask employees to make a backup of their computer data, in case they are not saved on an external server or cloud storage.

Why secure your computer data? Simply to avoid losing important files in case of shock or any alteration of the hard disks during the journey from the old premises to the new ones.

As the loss of computer equipment may be secondary, as much as the loss of data it contains can sometimes be very damaging.

Take as many precautions and save the important files on a USB key or an external hard disk in the absence of a backup server.

Prepare the server room before the move

First of all, you will have to prepare the server room in the new premises. Make sure that the room is ready to receive the servers. The network cables, air conditioners, and electrical outlets should be working before the servers will be delivered. The main thing is that at the arrival of the server the bulk of the work has already been done.

Ideally, the person who usually takes care of the server such as maintenance technician, external company, etc. should be used to support the movers.

It will be their obligation to disconnect the servers correctly and to ensure that all cables and equipment necessary for its proper operation are packed together, so again to save time when arriving at the new premises.

The movers will ideally place the server in the truck so that it is accessible quickly and in order to reinstall it as quickly as possible.

Once the server is installed your employees can already resume their activities, if necessary, even before the offices are set up.

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