People holding a boardWhen you have to move one of the things you have to make sure of is finding the right mover to hire. A little research may help a lot and by doing so may stop you from breaking the bank. It can save you from scammers, and it will also help you save money – roughly around a thousand. Here are some tips on how to go through the process of choosing the right moving company for you.

Tips on Choosing the Right Mover

Search for Moving Companies

Ask friends or search for a list of local moving companies and check the customers" reviews. You can also try looking in the phonebook for movers that are near you. Most moving companies offer a free estimate of how much the moving will be. It"s better to discuss it with the company yourself since you know your items and for the sake of clear transaction. Big companies may seem alluring, but they are not always the best. There can be a small moving and storage company that suits your needs better.

If you got a list of moving companies through phonebook or recommendations, you could do a quick background check online. You can call Better Business Bureau or check their website about the moving company of your choice. You can also check if the moving company is associated with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). Although the membership is voluntary, companies that are members of the org are always preferable. But that doesn"t mean that those that aren"t members should be ruled out. As long as you check the company"s services thoroughly and that they are proven to have a good name.

There are also sites that have a list of moving companies that you should beware. have a blacklist of companies about complaints, and you can get tips and info about the companies.

Narrow Down Your List

Pick at least three or four movers to check on your things to have an in-person estimate especially if you"re moving to a different state. You can ask if they will give a binding estimate or binding not-to-exceed estimate. These are estimates that have guaranteed cap on the moving expense. If they offer nonbinding estimates, according to the moving guide by the Department of Transportation, you may expect that the final cost can be more than the given cost.

If the moving is interstate, the estimate will be based on the distance of the move and the weight of your items. As for moving within your state, the estimate rules vary: In some states, like local movers in Orange Park, FL, the consumer-friendly law requires them to provide binding estimates that are written and signed. Estimates for moving within the state are usually based on the time the move will take.

Show Everything to the Estimator

When the estimator arrives to check your home, show him every single item that you will be moving. If the estimator happens to see that there are significantly more items than was estimated, they have the right to change the estimate, but that should be right before all of your stuff gets in the truck. Though they can"t force you to pay more, they can, however, opt not to move all of your items to compromise with the original amount. You won"t have other options at that point, it"s either you pay more, or you move them personally.

During the estimator"s visit, make sure that you get more information about their company and that they are moving your items by themselves and that they are not just hiring another mover for you. You may want to also ask how long as the company been in the moving industry. Companies that have been around for a few years or about ten years or more are preferable since they already know the ins and outs of moving items.

Before closing the deal, you should know the following information about your mover: Name of the company and its primary and ancillary services. Company office address, contact numbers, website and email addresses.

Review the Estimate

House and moneyReview the paperwork that was handed to you before you sign. Some moving companies use a combined document that has the estimate and also serves as your bill and order of service. During the moving day, they should have an inventory list of your stuff that has been loaded into the truck and you should be given your copy. Check each document and make sure it has the right company name, binding estimate written in words together with the mover"s signature and date.

The standard insurance is 60 cents per pound, but if you would like to purchase additional insurance, most moving companies offer this, you should make sure that you understand the terms and coverage. There can be other costs for an in-state move such as tolls, driving time and supplies. You should receive hourly rates beforehand. If there"s something that is not clear about the estimate, you should not hesitate to ask.

Negotiate the Your Price

When you appear to be hands on to every detail of the moving, the movers are encouraged to be honest and may give you a competitive quote because they know you probably checked other moving companies.

After getting the estimates from your chosen moving companies, compare the bids and consider the pros and cons for each. Be wary of the terms of the company that offers much lower than others and check the higher bids about the extra costs thoroughly. The golden rule perhaps is you should call and ask if something is not clear for you. If you have chosen a reputable moving company, you can always try to negotiate the best price. In moving industry, there is a lot of competition and companies will usually try to work on with your terms and pricing.

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