A business relocation can not be improvised. For less than 100 people, it takes an average of one month to prepare, from 100 to 300 people from two to three months, and for more than 300 people: six months. To move, companies prefer the end of the fiscal year, or the school holidays, around mid-August, and back to school. A bad timing will cost huge operating losses to the company. Here is the checklist to follow for an organized move.

Make an audit of the premises

Before signing the lease of your new premises, consider having an audit of the new location. According to a project manager of a consulting firm, “Certain constraints related to computing, false ceilings, air conditioning can lead to an additional cost," Work may have to be planned. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with the property manager and the owner"s representative to verify safety aspects.

Have quotes drawn up by the service providers

Contact three or four moving companies specializing in business transfers. Each company has its own specialty such as administrative transfer, computer transfer, transfer of recovered furniture. Most of the time, a single moving company won"t be able to handle the volume and provide quality transfer at the same time. Sometimes, it is necessary to employ two moving company.

Assign managers that will supervise the transfer.

Designate “transfer correspondents" in each department. They will manage what are the elements to be moved in each department and will be a relay between management and employees.

Communicate to employees

Moving is sometimes synonymous with change in work habits, and therefore a source of stress. Through internal communication or human resources, and possibly in the internal newspaper or on your Intranet site, announce the move to employees a few months before to avoid corridor noise and false information. Moreover, the company must keep informed the representatives of the personnel as it is a legal obligation.

Prepare the new office ahead

If you want to carry out work before your arrivals such as partitions and wiring. It is better to contact the providers very early on. It is then much more their availability than the actual time of the work which can cause a problem. And the sooner you get the quotes, the more competition you can get.

Anticipate the work in the old office that you will leave

In most rental or lease agreement, the company must restore the property to its previous state, which means work such as painting, change of lighting or carpet will be needed. At the most it may take few weeks to complete.

Start sorting

When the lease is signed, inform the employees at least one month before the move to give them time to clean, sort, archive their business and documents. Managing the labeling on the departure and arrival site Each employee must have a code in place so that he can find his business in the new premises. Thus, after inventory, each box or piece of furniture will be identified either in relation to a service or in relation to a person, and its place in the new premises determined in advance. Install the new telephone line Make the necessary connections to have a telephone line and the Internet at your new address.

Provide notice of changes of address

One month before departure, do not forget to update your address in business registration, social security, pension fund, subscriptions to the press, etc.  Also inform your service providers for the beverage, copier, distributors, etc. As for the changes of address for the mail and the telephone, if they are a little less hurried, usually ten days before the departure are normally sufficient.

Establish a personal road map

Few days before the moving day, management must explain very concretely to employees how the move will take place, and what each must do. Also add some information about important places such as where to lunch, where to transport, where to park, etc. A site plan with the location of each site should be disseminated days before the moving day.

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