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How To Prevent An Injury When Moving In Jacksonville

Every move is the beginning of something new or something beautiful. It is true that sometimes the moves are decided by necessity or for economic reasons, but it is believed that all changes are good and that from any move you can get something positive. It would be a pity to get hurt precisely at the beginning of this new stage in your life. With this, this article will explain how to avoid injuries when moving to a new place.

The precautions that you have to take are crucial if you have decided to make a move on your own, without the help of moving companies. Below are some tips that can help you avoid injury when moving.

Excellent Packing

Every move begins with the packaging, and it is at this stage of the process that you must plan well. You must ensure that the boxes do not weigh much. They should not exceed twenty kilograms, and it is always preferable to have more boxes of less weight than a few ones that are very heavy. Keep in mind that you have to go up and down stairs, through aisles and door hinges; The easier it is to maneuver with boxes, the better. Be cautious. For more guidelines on packing, click here.

Body protection and attire

You may not be a professional mover but to avoid injury, it is important to do some stretching exercises before lifting objects. There are many websites on the Internet for you to refer to facilitate your work. If you can use some belt or protective belt (like those used by weight lifters), much better. It is also advisable to wear comfortable clothes with a flat and closed shoe. Open sandals are not suggested, and if your footwear offers support for the ankle (boots or boots), you will win. The more stable and protected your feet are, the less likely there will be an injury.

Right tools

A wheelbarrow and a small low car will make life much easier, and both can be rented. It uses gloves and although they can not be strictly considered tools. Old blankets are also essential for sliding large objects and furniture. The skateboards are enough to move certain packages and boxes. If you happen to have a car and the new place has no enough space for you to park it, then a car storage provider has to be contacted for your convenience. You can benefit a lot from using a storage unit for your car. You can search online and use the keyword car storage Jacksonville FL, and you can see a lot of options. You can assure of a 24-hour security for your car with car storage facilities.

Attention to the dangers

You must be attentive to the possible dangers. For example, a slippery floor can be one of your worst enemies. Narrow aisles do not help either, forcing you to twitch and strain while loading furniture can cause damage. Before you pick up a box or piece of furniture, plan the route or route that you will follow until you reach the truck or van. Do not be in a hurry and do not hesitate to ask for help.

To conclude: Know your limits. Do not make any effort that is beyond your means. Ask for help from professional movers. Plan your move and be wise.

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Guidelines In Packing Computers For Transport

One of the most difficult types of removal job is moving an office to a new location. Aside from the number of furniture and equipment that needs to be moved, sensitive office equipment adds to the complexity of the job.

When a business has been using the same facilities for a long time, the number of objects it accumulates can be many, especially filing cabinets loaded with paperwork that has been kept year after year, often simply “just in case need". Fortunately, the digitization of many work processes has significantly reduced the accumulation of paper documents, which when it comes to making a move is to be appreciated.

Of course, not everything would be good in this process of computerization work. At the time of making a change of office, computer equipment is heavy, expensive and delicate objects, so they must be moved carefully to avoid deterioration. In this post, we tell you some tips to transport this equipment without having incidents.

Basic tips in transporting office equipment

  • The first step to transferring the computer equipment will be to get a special packaging for each of them, according to its size and weight. The best thing is that you have a box for each part, that is, reserve one for the CPU, another for the monitor and another for the rest of accessories such as the keyboard, mouse, speakers, cables that can be shared by several types of equipment.
  • Once the equipment is disconnected, disassembled and stored in its respective packaging, it is important to identify each box with some information that helps to recognize its contents. Either the computer reference or the name of the person using it along with the part that goes inside will help avoid localization problems that make the move slow down. Obviously, if there are a lot of equipment to be moved, this problem may not arise, but when it comes to a company with a high number of jobs and therefore computer equipment, implementing this advice is fundamental.
  • In the case of the CPU of desktop computers, it is important that you place it in such a way that it moves as little as possible in its box. Once stored, do not forget to put a layer of polystyrene above and fill the holes with balls of crumpled newspaper.
  • On the other hand, in the case of the monitor, you must cover the screen with a plastic or a fine fabric that prevents scratching. There is a kind of quilted plastic that is very useful in these cases. And just as we did with the CPU, fill the holes with polystyrene sheets or newspaper balls to ensure that it does not move during the transfer.
  • Finally, it is recommended that you use a sticker that puts FRAGILE accompanied by the legend “computer equipment" so that the operators of the removal company know what type of articles are moving and have the necessary

Checklist For Efficient Office Move

A business relocation can not be improvised. For less than 100 people, it takes an average of one month to prepare, from 100 to 300 people from two to three months, and for more than 300 people: six months. To move, companies prefer the end of the fiscal year, or the school holidays, around mid-August, and back to school. A bad timing will cost huge operating losses to the company. Here is the checklist to follow for an organized move.

Make an audit of the premises

Before signing the lease of your new premises, consider having an audit of the new location. According to a project manager of a consulting firm, “Certain constraints related to computing, false ceilings, air conditioning can lead to an additional cost," Work may have to be planned. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with the property manager and the owner"s representative to verify safety aspects.

Have quotes drawn up by the service providers

Contact three or four moving companies specializing in business transfers. Each company has its own specialty such as administrative transfer, computer transfer, transfer of recovered furniture. Most of the time, a single moving company won"t be able to handle the volume and provide quality transfer at the same time. Sometimes, it is necessary to employ two moving company.

Assign managers that will supervise the transfer.

Designate “transfer correspondents" in each department. They will manage what are the elements to be moved in each department and will be a relay between management and employees.

Communicate to employees

Moving is sometimes synonymous with change in work habits, and therefore a source of stress. Through internal communication or human resources, and possibly in the internal newspaper or on your Intranet site, announce the move to employees a few months before to avoid corridor noise and false information. Moreover, the company must keep informed the representatives of the personnel as it is a legal obligation.

Prepare the new office ahead

If you want to carry out work before your arrivals such as partitions and wiring. It is better to contact the providers very early on. It is then much more their availability than the actual time of the work which can cause a problem. And the sooner you get the quotes, the more competition you can get.

Anticipate the work in the old office that you will leave

In most rental or lease agreement, the company must restore the property to its previous state, which means work such as painting, change of lighting or carpet will be needed. At the most it may take few weeks to complete.

Start sorting

When the lease is signed, inform the employees at least one month before the move to give them time to clean, sort, archive their business and documents. Managing the labeling on the departure and arrival site Each employee must have a code in place so that he can find his business in the new premises. Thus, after inventory, each box or piece of furniture will be identified either in relation to a service or in relation to a person, and its place in the new premises determined in advance. Install the new telephone line Make the necessary connections to have a telephone line and the Internet at your new address.

Provide notice of changes of address

One month before departure, do not forget to update your address in business registration, social security, pension fund, subscriptions to the press, etc.  Also inform your service providers for the beverage, copier, distributors, etc. As for the changes of address for the mail and the telephone, if they are a little less hurried, usually ten days before the departure are normally sufficient.

Establish a personal road map

Few days before the moving day, management must explain very concretely to employees how the move will take place, and what each must do. Also add some information about important places such as where to lunch, where to transport, where to park, etc. A site plan with the location of each site should be disseminated days before the moving day.

What To Prepare When Relocating Office

When it is time for a company to expand its premises, it has to move to a bigger and better location. Office relocation is very inconvenient that is why the transfer of the premises of the company must be designed so as not to disrupt the pace of work of its employees.

It is, therefore, necessary to begin to organize the transfer of offices as soon as possible to save time on the day of the move. The following are some things to consider as part of preparation for office relocation.

Prepare the new location

To start with, you have to draw the floor plan of the new location of the office and the designated area of the employees of the company.

Plan their layout with respect to each other. Include the layout of electrical outlets where the computer and other equipment will be connected. Do not hesitate to take the opinions of each one so as to optimize the future workspace.

Thus on the day of the move, the movers will only have to place the offices in the correct direction and if necessary place the computer equipment on the right side of the offices.

It is important to label the furniture and boxes in a simple way with a color code or numbers so that it will be easy for the movers to place the boxes and other equipment in the right location.

The movers will only have to collect the cases with the same numbers or colors in the indicated places.

This will seem to some obvious, others perhaps superfluous, but it is important to know that these preliminary steps to the transfer of the offices are paramount to ensure the continuity of the work of the employees.

Save your computer data

One too often neglected step on the part of companies wishing to transfer their premises is to ask employees to make a backup of their computer data, in case they are not saved on an external server or cloud storage.

Why secure your computer data? Simply to avoid losing important files in case of shock or any alteration of the hard disks during the journey from the old premises to the new ones.

As the loss of computer equipment may be secondary, as much as the loss of data it contains can sometimes be very damaging.

Take as many precautions and save the important files on a USB key or an external hard disk in the absence of a backup server.

Prepare the server room before the move

First of all, you will have to prepare the server room in the new premises. Make sure that the room is ready to receive the servers. The network cables, air conditioners, and electrical outlets should be working before the servers will be delivered. The main thing is that at the arrival of the server the bulk of the work has already been done.

Ideally, the person who usually takes care of the server such as maintenance technician, external company, etc. should be used to support the movers.

It will be their obligation to disconnect the servers correctly and to ensure that all cables and equipment necessary for its proper operation are packed together, so again to save time when arriving at the new premises.

The movers will ideally place the server in the truck so that it is accessible quickly and in order to reinstall it as quickly as possible.

Once the server is installed your employees can already resume their activities, if necessary, even before the offices are set up.